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10 things every League of Legends player should know

1. Deaths > Everything else.

Everybody HATES to die right? The answer is yes, getting killed will cause a number of side effects such as, rage, high blood pressure, and a recession of your massive E-Peen. Side effects that I believe everyone would like to experience as little as possible. In league of legends when you die you not only put yourself behind, you give whoever killed you a good amount of gold. The other team getting gold from killing you will only make them stronger, which in turn will put more pressure on your team. Simply put, think ahead and be very aware of the situation, such as where all the enemy heroes are, before you commit for a kill. Having some sort of escape mechanic, as many heroes do, is extremely useful for getting out of the fray once you get that delicious kill. There is also the summoner ability “Flash” which teleports your champion a short distance instantly. Feel free to use this if your desired champion does not have an escape mechanic of its own.

2. Speed.

This doesn’t mean get the fastest boots there available. It means don’t spend a lot of time doing nothing, here is a nice list of some things I find waste a lot of time, with a simple explanation of each.

  1. Afking for nothing – pretty simple, most gamers understand that there is a real life outside of League, but there are very few things that call for a random afk. These are pretty much limited to; somebody being dead, baby/child issues, and medical emergencies.
  2. Always going back to base. – It takes approx 20-30 seconds or more to get back to your lane, dependent upon where the creeps are. That is quite a long time, and every time you have to run back you lose possible gold/xp from the minions you would otherwise be killing. This puts you and your team behind a bit, which is not favorable ever, for obvious reasons.
  3. Don’t stand in the fountain too long. – I see people doing this all the time, chillin in the fountain seemingly afk for an obscene amount of time. when asked why they respond with something like, “I’m figuring out which items I should use”. Another common response will be, “I’m planning out my items for later.” This wastes time, know this stuff before you go into the game. Learn to update your items on the fly depending on what you need. ie. if the  other team has more than 3 ap characters you may want to get a bit of magic resist, even if you wouldn’t usually get it.
  4. “AMG I’m flippin out, where should I go?” – I sort of feel this one should be obvious, but basically, don’t always be running around the map for nothing, unless you have a purpose, such as ganking/jungle farming. Stay in your lane until you start team pushing.

3. Know the map layout.

This is extremely important for obvious reasons, but also for some not so obvious ones. Knowing every choke point, bush, and creep camp for whichever map you choose to play will put you at a rather large advantage over other players who may not be aware. Trust me, if the fields of justice are familiar to you will be one step ahead. I will add some resources such as a map detailing these particular areas when I get home later tonight.

4. Map Control.

I can not express how much of an advantage good map control gives your team. Having good map control,  your team will know how the other team is moving and you will be able to prepare as necessary. This is also a great way to take advantage of lone players and gank the shit out of em. ;) Things like wards, or champions who have their own ward-like abilities, such as teemo, nidalee, caitlyn, and a few others are extreme advantages. Excellent places to ward the map are those choke points and commonly traveled areas, such as certain creep camps, or the river/in between lanes.

5. Be prepared to play at least a few heroes.

This is especially true for ranked games, in ranked game 4 champions are banned from the game before anyone picks their own. Having at least 3 or 4 heroes that you know well will make you a more rounded player and asset to your team.  You should also try to spread your expertise across all types of champions, tank, nuke, assassin, jungle, and of course support. Make sure to also have appropriate rune pages, masteries, and summoner abilities before you hit the “lock in” button! :)

6. Know what your role is and stick to it.


Going along with the above point, this shines especially true for support heroes. You can’t pick a support hero such as janna or Sona and expect to go 30/0 that game. instead of thinking only about getting kills, try thinking about how you can make your teammates(preferably your carry(s)) get kills. The only time this doesn’t hold true is for jungle characters, can’t jungle the whole game and do nothing right? But seriously, If everyone on your team knows their role and sticks to it, I guarantee your team will be better off, especially if you have a good team composition. More on team composition at a later date.

7. Don’t just lane, lane properly.

Laning properly can almost be called an art form. Watching somebody play who is very experienced with their champion laning is very elegant, yet intense at the same time. While you lane there are a number of things you should be thinking about. These include, but not are not limited to; last hitting, keeping an eye on missing enemy champions on the map, calling mia, and watching your own positioning in the lane to make sure you won’t get ganked, or demolished by a scion stun that came out of the bush next to you. It is also extremely important to know what abilities your opponent has so you may react properly to them. Try to stay in your lane as long as possible to rack up as much gold/xp as you can. this will give you a rather large edge over your laning opponent.

8. Last hit!

I see a lot of people who just run up and auto attack their opposing creeps. I find that  a lot of people do this nearly 100% of the time. They seem to think that’s how it’s meant to be done. This is not the case, what you really want is whats called “last hits”. The term refers to making sure you get the killing blow on a minion, because when you do, you are rewarded with a little bit of gold. Usually, when you are just auto attacking creeps, you will get some last hits. This will as I said reward you with a bit of gold, just not nearly as much if you focused on getting those killing blows.

9. Communicate.

Don’t be a loner! This game is a team effort, and almost always requires at least some teamwork to win. I have noticed a massive difference in games I play where my team communicates well, and the games where we don’t. If you and your teammates are calling mia every time an enemy is missing(not visible on the map display), it is less likely for a teammate to unknowingly get ganked. I will mention however that every player for themselves should be keeping an eye on the map to watch for ganks. Having said that, we are all human and forget sometimes, so having reliable teammates that will warn you when someone is missing is invaluable.

10. The summoner’s Code.

This may not seem like it pertains to gameplay much, but in actuality it is one of the more important aspects of this game, or any action-rpg. Bashing on your teammates when they make a mistake, saying things like, “Wow your horrible” or “Go play the tutorial again, lmao” while usually pretty entertaining will get you absolutely no where. Instead of curb stomping your teammate into the street corner, say something like “hey man, please don’t over extend  yourself like that or you will get horribly ganked again by their whole team.” Another thing I see happen too often, which I admittedly sometimes do myself, is blame someone on your team for your death. While this can help you feel better about that stupid mistake you just made which got yourself and possibly a few other teammates die. It is absolutely detrimental to your teams moral. Don’t forget my first point, Deaths > Everything else, you are responsible for your own champions life and the actions you take, not your teammates.

With a learning curve as steep as a game like this has, doing so will not help your team push for victory. Remember everyone is on a different skill level, and you have to work with them to win, as much as it sucks sometimes. Here is a link to theSummoner’s Code on the League of Legends website, I urge everyone who is reading this to also take a look at it. I believe following their tips will provide a much more enjoyable, while still very intense game experience.

Lastly, thanks for reading, and I really hope this helped some of you out there possibly skip ahead of that extremely steep learning curve a bit. Above all else, remember to have fun. See you in-game!


Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, Revealed at Gamescom


In addition to Rengar, we’ll have another upcoming champion available for play at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. After the Pridestalker joins the League, Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, will descend upon the Fields of Justice in the following patch. A magical prodigy, Syndra conjures powerful dark spheres, and even wields enemy minions and monsters as weapons. Here’s the full rundown of her abilities.




  • Transcendent (Passive): Each of Syndra’s normal abilities gain an extra effect at max rank.
    Dark Sphere: Spheres deal bonus damage to champions.
    Force of Will: Projectiles briefly knocks enemies into the air.
    Scatter theWeak: Cone width increases.
  • Dark Sphere: Syndra conjures a dark sphere at a target location, dealing magic damage in an area. The sphere remains for several seconds and can be manipulated by Syndra’s other abilities.
  • Force of Will:
    First Cast: Grabs a target dark sphere, enemy minion or neutral monster.
    Second Cast: Throw a grasped dark sphere or enemy at a target area. Enemies struck by the projectile take magic damage and are slowed.
  • Scatter the Weak: Deals magic damage in a cone and knocks enemies away based on how close they are to Syndra. Dark spheres within the area-of-effect are also knocked back, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies in their path.
  • Unleashed Power (Ultimate): Draws upon Syndra’s full cataclysmic power, harnessing all active dark spheres to deal additional magic damage to an enemy champion.

Syndra’s kit revolves around the manipulation of short-duration globes left behind by Dark Sphere. While the function of Dark Sphere is very simple on the surface, proper sphere management can be the difference between success and failure with Syndra. Each of her abilities can be used on its own in a pinch, but good sphere placement ensures that Syndra always has the ammunition she needs to throw projectiles with Force of Will, and creates new firing angles for globes launched with Scatter the Weak.

While it might be tempting to snatch up a defenseless minion and use it as a projectile, Syndra’s Force of Will ability really shines when it’s used in conjunction with dark spheres. Syndra can use Force of Will to reposition these globes for a successful shot with Scatter the Weak while Dark Sphere is on cooldown, or to extend the duration of a sphere that’s about to expire in order to build up ammunition on the battlefield. Ultimately, keeping your sphere count high in this manner will allow you to dictate the course of a battle by threatening a large area.

The importance of managing your dark spheres is most keenly illustrated by Syndra’s ultimate ability, Unleashed Power. The increased damage granted by each active sphere can transform this ability from high-damage nuke into a cataclysmic attack. Good planning and strategic dark sphere placement can make Syndra an intimidating opponent to face in mid lane.

Mid August Patch Notes (Official)



League of Legends v1.0.0.145
Rengar, the Pridestalker

  • Pending the completion of some further testing on PBE, Rengar will be released at a future date


  • General
    • Base Health Regen reduced to 8.25 from 9.85
    • Health Regen per level reduced to 0.75 from 0.85
    • Base Attack Damage reduced to 56 from 60.1
    • Attack Damage per level increased to 3.5 from 3
  • Perseverance (Passive)
    • Delay increased to 9 seconds from 7 seconds
    • No longer deactivates when damaged by lane minions
    • Now displays the Health Regen gained in the tooltip
  • Decisive Strike
    • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds at all ranks from 12/11/10/9/8
    • Movement Speed increased to 35% at all ranks from 15/20/25/30/35%
    • Movement Speed duration adjusted to 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5 seconds from 4 at all ranks
    • Base damage increased to 30/55/80/105/130 from 30/45/60/75/90
    • Silence duration reduced to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds from 2.5 at all ranks
    • Now removes slows on activation
    • Can now critically strike again
    • Buff duration reduced to 4.5 seconds from 6
    • Fixed: Garen’s next basic attack after Decisive Strike no longer occurs unusually quickly
    • Fixed: Decisive Strike is no longer consumed if Garen fails to finish attacking
    • While performing Decisive Strike, Garen now continues to follow his target if they are moving
  • Courage
    • Changed to passively increase Armor and Magic Resist by 20% rather than 0 to 25 based on kills
    • Damage reduction adjusted to 30% from 20/24/28/32/36%
    • Active now additionally grants 30% Crowd Control Reduction
    • Duration adjusted to 2/3/4/5/6 seconds from 3/3/3/3/3
    • Cooldown adjusted to 24/23/22/21/20 seconds from 30/27/24/21/18
  • Judgment
    • Damage adjusted to 20/45/70/95/120 (+0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1 total Attack Damage) from 50/90/130/170/210 (+1.4 bonus Attack Damage)
    • Damage dealt to minions increased to 75% from 50%
    • No longer removes slows on activation or reduces the duration of incoming slows while active
    • Ignores unit collision during Judgment but takes a 20% Movement Speed penalty when spinning through minions
    • Fixed: Judgment no longer locks out Garen from taking other actions longer than intended
  • Demacian Justice
    • Cooldown adjusted to 160/120/80 seconds from 140/120/100


  • Remove Scurvy
    • Fixed: Remove Scurvy now removes Blinds


  • General
    • Improved the responsiveness of his basic attacks, primarily in Hammer stance
    • Fixed: The first basic attack after swapping to Mercury Cannon is now more responsive

Katarina (Gameplay and Art Remake)

  • Voracity (Passive)
    • Champion kills or assists reduce Death Lotus’s cooldown by 10 seconds and refresh basic abilities
  • Bouncing Blades
    • 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 second cooldown
    • Katarina throws a dagger which deals 50/85/120/155/190 (+0.5 Ability Power) magic damage. The dagger bounces to the 4 closest enemies dealing 10% less damage with each bounce
    • Enemies hit are marked for 4 seconds. Katarina’s basic attacks or spells will consume the mark dealing 15/30/45/60/75 (+0.2 Ability Power) magic damage
  • Sinister Steel
    • 4 second cooldown
    • Whirls daggers in a circle dealing 40/80/120/160/200 (+0.5 bonus Attack Damage) (+0.35 Ability Power) magic damage. If she hits an enemy Champion, Katarina gains 12/20/28/36/44% Movement Speed for 1 second
  • Shunpo
    • 14/12/10/8/6 second cooldown
    • Moves to a target’s location. Deals 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.5 Ability Power) magic damage if the target is an enemy
    • After using Shunpo, Katarina gains 20% damage reduction for 3 seconds
  • Death Lotus
    • 60/55/50 second cooldown
    • Becomes a flurry of blades, throwing daggers at the closest 3 enemy Champions dealing 400/500/600 (+3 bonus Attack Damage) (+1.75 Ability Power) magic damage over 2 seconds
    • Daggers apply Grievous Wounds, reducing incoming healing by 50% for 3 seconds


  • Righteous Fury
    • Ability Power ratio increased to 0.4 from 0.2


  • Aegis of Zeonia
    • Slight increase in the speed of the jump
    • Now places Pantheon slightly in front of the target instead of directly on top of the enemy


  • Dragon’s Descent
    • Fixed a bug where Dragon’s Descent would hitch on initial use when using skins


  • Toxic Shot
    • Damage on impact increased to 10/20/30/40/50 (+0.4 Ability Power) from 9/18/27/36/45 (+0.14 Ability Power)
    • Poison Ability Power ratio reduced to 0.1 from 0.14
    • Fixed: Fixed a bug where the poison was lasting longer than intended
    • Fixed: Damage values will now update correctly when Teemo hits a unit with a lower level Toxic Shot poison


  • Piercing Arrow
    • Fixed: Piercing Arrow no longer sometimes fires from a point above his bow
    • Fixed: Piercing Arrow now more reliably hits targets at the end of its range
  • Blighted Quiver
    • Ability Power ratio on Blight stack detonation increased to 0.02 per stack from 0.01
  • Chain of Corruption
    • Missile width increased to 100 from 60
    • Increased missile visibility
    • Spread range from primary target to nearby targets increased to 550 from 450
    • Tendril break range increased to 600 from 550


  • Fixed: Satchel Charge’s timeout tone will now play properly


  • Rise of the Thorns (Passive)
    • Now properly cancels spell casts upon activation
  • Rampant Growth
    • Destroying a seed no longer breaks spell shields
    • Plant selection radius increased slightly
  • Grasping Roots
    • Modified the vine particle to be easier to see


  • Friend List notes
    • Pending the completion of some further testing on PBE, Friend List notes will be released at a future date
  • Updated tooltips for Cho’Gath
  • The main HUD health and mana bars will now display regen per second as opposed to regen per 5 seconds
  • The “Reset HUD” button in the “Interface Options” menu will now set the global scale value to the correct amount
  • Fixed: Wraiths and Lesser Wraiths no longer state they steal life in the tooltip

Proving Grounds

  • Nexus turrets
    • Amount increased back to 2 from 1
    • Health reduced by 900
    • Armor reduced by 20
    • Base Attack Damage reduced by 30

With every patch, we strive to improve the look of the game in varying degrees. We recommend that you have the latest available video card drivers installed.



Rengar nerf :

 Ability Changes

Old (Game PTR v122 / Air PTR v148) New (Game PTR v123 / Air PTR v148)
RengarThrill of the Hunt
Activates predatory instincts stealthing Rengar, and revealing enemy Champions within2000/3000/4000 range.Rengar gains 10/15/20 % Movement Speed, and a point of Ferocity every .75 seconds. Lasts 7/7seconds or until Rengar uses an ability.

120/80/40 Seconds
Activates predatory instincts stealthing Rengar, and revealing enemy Champions within 2000/3000/4000range.Rengar gains 10/15/20 % Movement Speed, and a point of Ferocity every .75 seconds. Lasts 7/7seconds or until Rengar uses an ability.

120/85/50 Seconds


Old Bonetooth Necklace:

Item Cost: 1000+20 Attack Damage (+2 per level) UNIQUE Passive: Rengar collects trophies when killing Champions, and gains bonus effects based on how many trophies he has. Kills and assists grant 1 trophy, and 1 trophy is lost on death. 2Trophies: +25 Movement Speed. 6Trophies: +10 Armor Penetration, +5% Cooldown Reduction. 12 Trophies: Rengar’s leap gains 150 bonus range.18 Trophies: New Active: Instantly gain5 Ferocity.

New Bonetooth Necklabe:

Item Cost: 800+10 Attack Damage (+2 per level) UNIQUE Passive:Rengar collects trophies when killing Champions and gains bonus effects based on how many trophies he has. Kills and assists grant 1 trophy, and 1 trophy is lost on death. 3 Trophies: +10 Armor Penetration, +5% Cooldown Reduction. 6 Trophies: +25Movement Speed. 9 Trophies: Rengar’s leap gains 150 bonus range. 14 Trophies: Thrill of the Hunt’sduration is increased by 3 seconds.

 Additionally,Rengar’s next ability used after activating Thrill ofthe Hunt generates 1 bonus Ferocity

New  & Updated Splashes :

Riot Graves

Mercenary Katarina

Red Card Katarina

Bilgewater Katarina

Kitty Kat Katarina


Hunter Rengar


LoL Replay – a program for recording and replaying League of Legends matches

Matches are replayed within the actual League of Legends client, providing the following obvious benifites over video replays:

  • – Full quality replays
  • – Negligible performance impact while playing the game
  • – Smaller file sizes / disk space requirements
  • – The camera may be freely controlled while playing a replay, alowing the viewer to spectate whichever area they are most interested in.



Download Link here :

New PBE Update: Astronautilus,Pool Party Ziggs,and more

PBE has been updated again with some small but intresting changes .

Pool Party Ziggs:




NEW Katarina skill icons: